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JENKA Lifting Keys

JENKA Lifting Keys are used to attach the crane hook, lifting slings or chains to the JENKA Lifting Insert cast into the concrete element. Different JENKA Lifting Keys are designed for different load directions. 

JENKA Lifting Keys can be used with all JENKA Lifting Inserts. Different JENKA Lifting Keys have different permissible load directions. TLL Lifting Keys are for lifting angles of up to 45°, while JL and JLW Lifting Keys are suitable for angles of up to 90° and tilt-up procedures. The JENKA Lifting Key thread must be screwed completely inside the insert. Lifting keys with wire have a color-coded Peikko tag. JENKA Lifting Keys are marked with a unique serial number indicating that they have been preloaded with at least 2.5 times the safe working load prior to the sale. All JENKA Lifting Keys are CE-marked.


JENKA JL Lifting Keys with metal lifting ring and JLW Lifting Keys with wire loop require the correct ring/loop direction to transfer loads to the insert and concrete. JL and JLW JENKA Lifting Keys are suitable for load directions between 0° and 45° and for 90° tilt-up procedures. Both lifting keys can be used for each load direction. When the lifting key is fully screwed in and tightened, a back rotation of up to 90° is allowed to adjust the ring/loop direction correctly toward the load. The length of JLWs can be customized with wire length upon request.



For the TLL loop, load directions between 0° and 45° are permitted. Tilt-up is not permitted with TLL Loop. The length of TLL can be customized with wire length upon request. TLL requires a smaller recess diameter compared to JL and JLW Lifting Keys.


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