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DOWELCRADLE Load Transfer System — For Easy Construction of Saw Cut or Induced Contraction Joints

DOWELCRADLE is a prefabricated leave-in-place load transfer system dedicated to the construction of sawn or induced contraction joints. Available with plate and round bar dowels to meet the requirements of every application. 

DOWELCRADLEs are designed for use in concrete slabs or pavements where a sawn or other induced free-movement contraction joint is required. DOWELCRADLEs permit slab movement and ensure free movement of the slab as required, thereby eliminating the principal cause of shrinkage cracks at the joint and minimizing the vertical displacement of the slabs. The system consists of a positioning wire cradle and load transfer system. Dowels and sleeves are held by the cradle, aligned and suspended in position in the middle of the slab with the required dowel spacing, thereby ensuring correct positioning and alignment of the individual dowels and sleeves. The wire cradle pre-sets the height of the dowel in the slab as well as the distance between the centers of the dowels.

The DOWELCRADLE Load Transfer system allows extremely quick and simple installation of the system by one person. The system is suitable for internal and external slabs with depths from 125 mm to 250 mm. Other sizes can be designed according to the requirements of the client. It is available in plain steel and hot-dip galvanized finish.


DOWELCRADLE FDC with flat plate dowels permits two directional slab movement and ensures free movement of the slab, caused by drying shrinkage and thermal variations in both longitudinal and perpendicular directions of the slab plane as required and thereby eliminating the principle cause of shrinkage cracks at the joint, and minimising vertical displacement of the slabs. 




DOWELCRADLE RDC is a round bar dowel combined with a shrink wrap release sleeve permitting one directional slab movement. The load transfer system is accomplished by utilising high strength steel round bar dowels, moving within thin plastic shrink wrap sleeves.



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