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PC® Beam Shoe — Hidden Corbel System to Support Concrete Beams

PC® Beam Shoes are used for easy installation of both reinforced and pre-stressed precast concrete beams to columns. PC® Beam Shoes are used as the counterpart for PCs® Corbels. 

PC® Beam Shoes are cast to the beam where all parts of the beam shoe are hidden. It consists of steel plates that form a pocket for corbel and reinforcing bars to anchor forces into the beam. PC® Beam Shoes are dimensioned to be used with PCs® Corbel so that the final position of the beam installed on the corbel can be freely adjusted. After the corbel plate of PCs® Corbel is bolted onto the column, a beam with PC® Beam Shoe can be installed on the corbel without any wedging or welding.

The standard models of PC® Beam Shoes are designed to withstand vertical and horizontal loads with a maximum design value for vertical loads of up to 1,500 kN. There are two different models: L (Low) for beam flange heights < 60 mm and H (High) for beam flange heights > 60 mm.


PC® H is designed for beams with high concrete flange. 




PC® L is designed for beams with low steel flange. 



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