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RR Long Inserts

RR Long Inserts are used in applications where sufficient anchoring depth is available. RR Long Inserts are ideal for all types of lifting operations. 

RR Long Inserts are suitable for thin or very thin wall and beam elements with sufficient anchoring depth. RR Lifting Inserts are permanently anchored into the precast element, and they are used with RR Lifting Keys. RR Lifting Inserts are cast into concrete elements to enable the elements to be lifted after the concrete has hardened.

RR Long Inserts are CE-marked and follow the standards of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). The inserts are available in black steel as standard, but they are also available in galvanized form upon request. The minimum compressive strength of the concrete upon load application is 15 MPa.


RR-SAs are universal lifting inserts designed to lift and transport walls and beams. RR-SA Lifting Inserts can be used for all load directions.


RR-EA Lifting Inserts are especially designed for tilt-up processes where elements must be lifted from the horizontal to the vertical position. RR-EA Lifting Inserts can be used for all load directions. They must be used with u-stirrups and edge reinforcement.


RR-HA Lifting Inserts are used for lifting processes with an axial or diagonal load at up to 45°. Thanks to their short length, they can be used in a wide range of elements. RR-HAs are used with additional rebar.

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