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DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure for open spaces – Overview

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure allows you to build open spaces – even with architecturally demanding shapes. Compatible with precast and cast-in-situ slabs as well as any type of columns, DELTABEAM® makes your construction process faster and more efficient.

Peikko’s DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure is a flexible solution always tailored to the customer’s needs. It enables slender and light structural solutions that provide savings in terms of volume and costs.

DELTABEAM® can be connected to concrete, steel, or composite columns by using Peikko’s innovative solutions, such as Hidden Corbels, Anchor Bolts, or Welding Plates.


  • Long spans
  • Flexible open space
  • Additional room height
  • Easy and space-saving HVAC installations
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Integrated fireproofing

More square meters per cubic meter

Choosing a slim floor structure for your new project means flexible layouts and more floors for a given height of a building – you can gain one extra floor!

As there will be less cubic meters per square meters, heating and cooling costs will be lower and the building more sustainable – unless you decide to use the space saved by the slim-floor structure to get extra room height for the convenience of the users.

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure and its long spans allow you to create open spaces with grids of up to 12 x 16 meters. It requires less building materials and allows for flexible layouts over the entire life-cycle of the building. When building downward, the excavation depth is also minimized.


Speed and ease of frame erection

Thanks to the modularity of DELTABEAM®, construction time is reduced and exposure to weather is minimized.

Unique in design, each beam fits perfectly to the structure and the pre-designed, standardized connections. DELTABEAM® only requires little or no propping. A small crew can erect a multi-story building faster than with any other system on the market.


Integrated fireproofing

Integrated fireproofing offers additional time and cost savings. The reinforcement inside the beam ensures lifelong fireproofing. Proven by multiple full-scale fire tests, DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure is fireproofed even to R180 standard.

Architectural freedom

Sometimes your project benefits from shapes other than right angles and straight lines. Maybe you are looking for that extra wow factor needed to design landmark architecture and a more lucrative project with cantilevers and curves?

With custom shaped and in-built formwork, you will have more architectural freedom while benefiting from the efficiency of the DELTABEAM® Slim-Floor Structure.

DELTABEAM® connection components

As DELTABEAM® is designed to be used as a structural element with all slab and column types, we can offer you a number of connection components and methods to meet your requirements.

Connecting DELTABEAM® to concrete columns

1. A hidden PCs® Corbel is cast into the concrete column. DELTABEAM® is placed on top of the PCs® Corbel’s bracket, enabling straight mold walls and superior adjustability on site as well as high resistances.

2. Anchor Bolts are used to connect DELTABEAM® on top of concrete columns.

3. WELDA® Anchor Plates are installed on top of columns or walls and DELTABEAM® is welded onto its surface.

Connecting DELTABEAM® to steel structures

1. Corbel connection

2. Bolted connection on top of the column

3. Bolted connection on the side of the column

4. Welded connection

Additional components

Composite columns are made of a hollow steel section with rebar placed inside. The column is filled with concrete on site.

Additional steel structures such as trusses, braces, and various types of beams and columns as needed for technical rooms, etc.

Integrated formwork allows you to create custom beam shapes.

WELDA® Anchor Plates are used to add weld-to surfaces to a casting.

PETRA® Hollow-Core Slab Hangers allow you to make openings to hollow-core slabs.

Safety rail mounting sockets can be added to DELTABEAM® to save time and effort when installing safety rails.

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