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Turbine Foundation Optimizer – For the Winds of the World | Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation – high performance on soft or semi-soft soil

The loads are transferred from the tower to the piles through the anchor cage and wide and shallow foundation.

Peikko optimizes and integrates the foundations and piles in the same design to lower the foundation size, weight, and costs. For example, a 5.5 MW turbine with a tower height of 120 meters uses:

  • 700 m3 of concrete (70 truckloads)
  • 90 t of steel (4 truckloads)
  • 1 Anchor cage (1 truckload)
  • Piles




CO2 emissions when compared to traditional solutions


Installation phases

  1. 1-2 days

  2. 1 day
    Anchor cage assembly

  3. 3-4 days

  4. 1 day

  5. 6-8 days

Specialist equipment

Installation team

8 skilled workers


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